Monday, October 18, 2010

How to hypnotize someone with covert hypnosis

Lots of people are interested in learning how to hypnotize someone without them knowing it, commonly known and referred to as covert hypnosis. There are many different covert hypnosis techniques that works shockingly well on the unsuspecting targets. These have been used on people on the street, in nightclubs, business meetings, and in too many other situations to list here. It’s fair to say that these principals have been proven to work on 99% of most people, in any situation (I.e. brightly lit and dark rooms, awake and aware work situations as well as casual and relaxed states).

The reason these techniques work so well is that they were designed to tap directly into the human subconscious mind. Thus bypassing the rational mind that would stop to think and reason about the situation. For example, if someone was being hypnotized in a business setting (to make a purchase, sign a deal or give a raise to someone), the conscious mind might think:

I’m not sure if I like that deal


He doesn’t deserve a raise

However once learned and applied, covert hypnosis goes right through (or more accurately, completely around such thoughts) by accessing parts of the brain in the conversation so that the mind simply cannot think in the above conscious, reasoning ways it normally would. The best part of this being that this is all done completely casually in conversation and un-noticeably.

Unlike other, feeble attempts at black ops hypnosis published online, there are no noticeable, obvious scripts. We’ve seen lots of laughable information online that tell people to “casually” weave into conversation ridiculous lines like “You see you want to give me the money/ come home with me, don‘t you?”. Don’t waste a time on these snake oil salesmen who offer hypnosis courses, yet have no training, much less a doctorate in hypnosis.

If you really want to know how to hypnotize someone, learn from the man who created the techniques of covert hypnosis himself, Dr. Igor Ledochowski. He has personally changed the way the world looks at hypnosis. Not since hypnosis was first discovered has there been such a dramatic shift in our knowledge of people and how to control and persuade them by directly accessing the subconscious minds.

Read his story and learn the techniques he uses to “convince” people into doing whatever he wants on a daily basis here.